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Technical Association of Pulp and Paper (TAPPI) Conference June 16-18

We will be attending and demonstrating at the TAPPI Conference in Chicago, IL June 15 – 18. Membrane separation is unique solution for the removal of bi-products and waste in both production and effluent for the pulp and paper industry. We will demonstrate our customized system fabrication models at this year’s conference.

Typical applications include:

  • Effluent processing for color, COD/BOD and toxicity removal
  • Processing of mechanical or chemical pulping effluent prior to recycling
  • Removal of evaporator acid condensate for effluent treatment and water recycling
  • De-resining of pulp washwater
  • Whitewater processing for fiber recovery
  • De-inking effluent
  • Concentration of fiberboard effluent
  • Recovery of spent sulphite liquor for lignosulphonate fractionation
  • Concentration of spent sulphite liquor prior to alcohol production
  • Recovery of black liquor for lignin separation and color removal