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Atlantic Canada Water (ACWWA) Conference October 15 – 18 2017

Memebrane Specialists will be attending the Atlantic Canada Water Conference on October 15-18 in Charlottetown. The Atlantic Canada Water & Wastewater Association (ACWWA) is a ‘Section’ of the American Water Works Association (AWWA). AWWA is an international non-profit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water. While many solutions exist within the landscape of waste water management, each presents a new set of challenges financially, environmentally, technically, or otherwise. The following benefits exist for the implementation of a Fyne System.

  • Low maintenance equipment
  • Requires little operator attention
  • Extensive data and references
  • Turn-key design
  • Addresses
    • TOC (Total Organic Carbon)
    • DOC (Dissolved Organic Carbon)
    • TTHM (Trihalomethanes)
    • HAAS (Haloacetic Acids)
    • Color Issues
  • No prefiltration required
  • Tolerant to variations in raw water quality
  • NSF Certified