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AMERICANA Conference March 21-24 2017

Join Membrane Specialists, LLC at the Montreal City Hall for the AMERICANA Conference on March 21-23 2017. Our Fyne Systems have proven to be a beneficial solution for municipal  drinking water in areas where specialized small scale systems are relevant. Canada has a highly diverse landscape of natural resources and is home to a variety of cultures. The inherent protection of these cultures and ecology is directly correlated to the development of clean water solutions for short and long term need. While many solutions exist within the landscape of waste water management, each presents a new set of challenges financially, environmentally, technically, or otherwise. The following benefits exist for the implementation of a Fyne System.

  • Low maintenance equipment
  • Requires little operator attention
  • Extensive data and references
  • Turn-key design
  • Addresses
    • TOC (Total Organic Carbon)
    • DOC (Dissolved Organic Carbon)
    • TTHM (Trihalomethanes)
    • HAAS (Haloacetic Acids)
    • Color Issues
  • No prefiltration required
  • Tolerant to variations in raw water quality
  • Compliant with Disinfection by Products Ruling