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Our Experience

Membrane Specialists draws on 30 years of experience in developing cost-effective solutions to liquid separation challenges. A comprehensive range of laboratory, system-engineering, manufacturing and installation services enables Membrane Specialists to tackle a wide range of applications.

Versatile Pilot Plants

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A variety of versatile pilot plants is available for membrane trials. Equipment includes bench-top models, designed to process feed samples of just two or three gallons, to small industrial-scale systems capable of processing up to 15,000 gallons per day. These pilot plants are designed to operate over a wide pH and temperature range.

Optimizing Plant Design

membrane specialists

Using a dedicated applications database, Membrane Specialists engineers objectively select the best membrane and geometry for a given application. During pilot trials, these membranes can be evaluated and the process tested. The optimum full-scale plant design is developed using proprietary design programs for batch or continuous plant operation.

Project Management

membrane specialists

Membrane Specialists manufactures and assembles engineered systems in-house, working to the appropriate industry standards, including GAMP and FDA. Plant control and automation is developed and proven prior to delivery. Then, your system can be installed and commissioned under the direction of our engineers, who would be responsible for ensuring that the upstream and downstream conditions satisfy the operating requirements of the system. Operator training is an integral part of Membrane Specialists services.

Technical Support

After installation, Membrane Specialists can provide technical support, training, process optimization and membrane replacement service anywhere in the Americas. Regular service, offered on a contract basis, can ensure optimum plant performance for years to come.

Choosing the Right Membrane

An unbiased approach to crossflow membrane selection is your guarantee of a truly independent solution for each application. Membrane Specialists offers the full range of membrane geometries, including spiral wound, hollow fiber and both ceramic and polymeric tubular membranes. This choice of configurations allows us to test across the filtration spectrum from reverse osmosis, through nanofiltration and ultrafiltration to microfiltration. Trials can be carried out in Membrane Specialists laboratories or at your site, with or without assistance.